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Chile is a safe country to travel with children

Nature in Chile is really not dangerous for hikers.

There are no poisonous snakes, not really venomous scorpions, no Malaria or other tropical diseases. There are two poisonous spiders, the Chilean recluse spider and the black widow, which can be found more likely around or in houses, than in free nature.

BikeAnnoying, but not dangerous, are the often appearing horseflies. Too many mosquito bites can cause low fever. Tick also exists, but they rarely attack humans.

In Chile you will see hundreds of stray dogs on the streets of the cities, which mostly have a disease. These dogs, nevertheless, are more after some tender loving care than to represent danger.

There are always more and more bats in residential areas, which theoretically pass on rabies, but really acute cases are not known.

People with allergies should always carry emergency medicine.

Hanta Virus

Mainly long tail rats transmit the Hanta virus. This dangerous cosmopolitan has also spread in Europe, unfortunately with lethal consequences.

How to avoid the infection of the Hanta Virus in Chile?

  • Avoid the contact with rats and mice.
  • Don’t keep rest of food near the camping area.
  • Camp far from bushes or high grass.
  • Don’t go into dark and empty huts.
  • Take only “Cabañas” (cottages), which are always used and are thoroughly aired.

Help is needed

There is no nationwide rescue system in Chile. When there is a problem on the way, most of the times, you have to fend on yourself. Mobiles don’t always have signal offsite metropolitan area.

A good possibility to get help, is the free online rescue system SARS, which sends an e-mails automatically, if you don’t come back from your trip.

You should never start a hike without good information;
trekking maps or GPS-data are imperative.

Responsible parents should obviously have the basic first aid knowledge.