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Tourist circuits, excursions, trekking and bicycle tours, in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Travel Offers for tourism El Caminante in South America and other places

El Caminante LogoSince 1993, we show our guests the most beautiful places in South America. Our focus is on encounters with nature, but of course we also visit the big cultural highligths. We encourage contact with the traditional population. We wander with Lama shepards through the Andes mountain ridge and ride with  gauchos through the patagonian steppe. Of course, the requirements for each guest vary greatly, these are included in the description, but everyone must be able to assess their own abilities. We introduce travels and many definite dates, which you can book directly with the respective partner companies.

NEW in Trekkingchile – The crossing of the Andes by electric bicycle, 500 km of amazing landscapes