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To make your adventure in Chile a successful experience

Information to travel in South America, and many tips for outdoor activities and trekking

On these Chile Info pages you’ll see a selection of exclusive offers of maps, travel guides, books about environment and outdoor manuals that you can obtain via online. A small chilean gourmet guide that tells the story of the traditional food of the country and explains some preparations of the chilean cuisine and its drinks. A good physical condition avoids accidents and enhances the enjoyment of the excursions. How does a trekker prepare? That’s the information you’ll find on the Fitness page. To know what to do in an emergency, you need to have knowledge about first aid. The info comes from specialists and are suited to extreme conditions in Chile. The Andes zone, in the north of Chile is inhabited by the Aymara people. Here you will find informations about their life and culture. Do you want to spend more time in Chile?

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