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Fair Chile

Fair Chile - CO2 offset

  • For 1 Euro we plant a tree in protected native forests in Chile.
  • An adult tree transforms approximately 7 kg of Co2 per day to firewood, leaves and humus.
  • 1000 aerial kilometers eject approximately. 150 kg CO2 per person.
  • With your help, every year we deliver thousands of trees to CONAF, schools and municipalities.
  • Our actions are published on our trekkingchile foundation website.

Tourist carbon footprint

Fair Chile LogoOur existence inevitably provokes environmental damages. These are rising in the last years tremendously and cause social problems, decimation of species and even change our climate. It is impossible to completely avoid these problems, helping to keep them as little as possible is the duty of every single one of us.

Sensible Travelling

Every tourist leaves a trace. Either it is CO2 emissions caused by transport, energy usage, solid waste, or the social change. In your name we plant native trees in protected areas, compensating CO2 in wood, leaves and humus.

Responsible Companies

Accommodations, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, transport companies and commerce, who are awarded the “Fair Chile” environmental certificate support social- and environmental projects. Preferring these companies means supporting “Fair Chile” and its projects.

Child with tree

“Fair Chile” is managed by the state-approved foundation “TrekkingChile”.