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Some recommendations

Small explorers also need a good equipment in order to explore Chilean nature.

BackpackSmall explorer backpack

Make sure that the backpack is not too big or too heavy, or the expedition won’t be fun at all. The backpack should contain:

  • Water bottleWater bottle
  • Provisions
  • Rain coat
  • Sunhat and sunscreen
  • Magnifying glass or bug eye viewerMagnifier glass
  • Fauna and Flora determination book
  • Field glasses
  • Notebook and pencils
  • Camera
  • 1st aid set
  • Pocket knife without top
  • Compass
  • And don’t forget to take a cuddly toy

Drinking water

Bebidas” (Cola & Co) make fat and cause caries but they don’t quench as good as water. Therefore the “Arrieros” (cattle drover) and explorer swear by water and laugh about Coca Cola drinker.


The bee’s knees for day excursions are dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars, fruit and sandwiches.


You should choose cloth according to the onion method, meaning many thin layers on top of each other. Children sweat more than adults, polar fleece doesn’t take in the water and therefore stays dryer than cotton. For jackets you should also prefer breathable material. Outdoors, children should generally wear clothes on the whole body, even with good weather. Headgear protects them against sunstroke.


It is impossible to buy new hiking shoes every year, but you should consider using comfortable and ankle deep shoes with a good tread.

Baby stroller, back carrier or slings

Chile has nearly no routes that can be travelled with strollers, not even with cross country strollers. A baby back carrier is much more suitable; 2-3 year olds can be carried even during a day trip. It is very important to have a sunblind and a pocket to store diapers and a rag doll. You should consider making a lot of stops as the legs of the child don’t get enough perfusion in this position. Baby slings are best for children that cannot sit by themselves yet, as it supports their back in an optimum way. Though, you should consider, that it adds body temperature to the external temperature which can lead to heat accumulation.

Sleeping bag

Sooner or later the experienced explorers want to sleep in a tent. Therefore you obviously need a sleeping mat and bag. You can fit a sleeping bag for adults easily with a belt to the child’s size.

Hiking at the coast

Don’t forget the scoop net and a bucket with a lid for your visit to the coast, streams and lakes.