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Mountain lodge in the Andes

Lamalodge: a true paradise for hikers and horseback riders!

South of the Maule River and only a few hours away from Santiago, the Melado Valley extends over 2450 km² but has only 270 inhabitants -a true paradise for hikers and horseback riders! There are plenty of natural wonders to be discovered such as hot springs rising from the slopes of snow-capped volcanoes and glaciers which form spectacular lagoons as the snow melts. It is on the banks of these very lagoons that we find magnificent camping spots. The Sendero de Chile and one of the Huaso Trails cross this amazing area. There are a few huts along the way offering accommodation and information.

The Lamalodge is located in the heart of this valley. This little hut provides a perfect base for exploring the surrounding areas by foot or on horse. You will almost certainly see condors, and six months of the year the weather is good. The lodge does not offer luxury, but rather a get-away from civilization for real nature-lovers who want to experience the exceptional landscape offered by this area.


consult (cottage is for self-caterers / complete with 4 beds)