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Tips for travelling

... for an active holiday with children in Chile.

Chile is no typical South-American beach destination due to the low temperature of the pacific coast, in the summer though many beautiful bays invite to jump into the refreshing water. Active volcanoes, desserts, glaciers, jungle and an extraordinary wildlife are waiting to be treasured by your children.

Here are some tips to enjoy an active vacation with your kids in Chile:

  • Active parentes shouldn’t push their children to participate in their activities. At the beginning, sometimes a ban is much more attractive, “No, you can’t go hiking with Daddy; you’re too small for that”.
  • As is so often the case, anticipation is the most thrilling part.Shop together for the Picnic, let your kids choose what they want to eat and check the equipment list with them. This way they will notice that the trip offer previously unknown liberties and tasks for them. Pack the backpack together, practice how to handle the compass in the garden and plan the tour. Show them at home the fauna and flora ( that you will see during the hike.
  • With bigger children you can preliminary improve your shape with easy calisthenics
  • Try to avoid long driving hours. Toddlers don’t care a lot for biodiversity or a special national park. They just want to have fun and you can provide it with some good ideas in a large parkway.
  • The trip should be a reward. When they behave, well then � then you go on an adventure. Use little slips from your offspring to postpone the trip for one day. Longer setbacks don’t make sense as toddlers cannot measure longer time periods and their interest will cease.
  • Meals are a key aspect of education to parents. Kids see through this very soon and associate food as an important subject for adults. On an adventure tour the kids will feel more adult and set value on it themselves. During the tour you can durably foster the eating habits of your kids. Take them with you shopping; let them choose between some options.
    On tour you can make a nice ceremony of the picnic. Take enough time for sitting on a blanket in the woods, read them some pages and let them frolic. You can find a lot of information and interesting recipes in our outdoor cuisine (
  • Take time yourself for relaxing or reading. It doesn’t matter to your kids if it is in a wildlife sanctuary or in a nice city park.