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Fitness training for trekkers and mountaineers

Long treks, be it uphill or downhill with a heavy load, can quickly cause overload syndromes

jogging personChile’s Nature offers a wonderful experience for trekkers, but it requires to be at least somehow fit. Long treks, be it uphill or downhill, with a heavy load can quickly cause overload syndromes of the cardiovascular and motor systems on untrained people. The additional load not only provokes a painful experience, but also, under precarious circumstances, it could cause chronic health problems.

For this reason, the body needs to be slowly prepared for the upcoming task. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to train the basic endurance and the specific muscles demanded in a mountain outing. For trekking excursions, this training should start with at least three months of anticipation, and in the case of high altitude Andean expeditions, with at least six months of anticipation. The brief fitness program presented here is not intended to increase the muscular mass, but mostly to prevent physical damage through the physiological tension of the passive and active structures, and thus to be able to enjoy the excursions.

For the rest, a well trained body is less prone to injuries and recovers faster from efforts. Participants on a mountain ascent must be aware that the objectives of the group depend on each one. Personal training and preparation contributes considerably to the safety and success of the excursion.