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Bienvenidos Niños

Bienvenidos niños sealYou will find the tourism provider through the seal “Bienvenidos Niños”, which have child friendly offers. It shows travelling families, which accommodations or organizers try to adjust to the young visitor’s special requests.

As introduction and to have an idea for what providers mean by “Bienvenidos Niños“:


  • Hiking hours adjusted to age groups
  • Children-appropriate explanations
  • As short as possible transfers with long breaks
  • Evident dangers are still indicated
  • Discover things in a playful manner


  • Family friendly rooms
  • Games for the room
  • Wardrobe and towel bar in children height
  • Baby alarm
  • Children bathroom
  • Baby changing table
  • Cradle
  • Child food

Games & Entertainment

  • Indoor-Playroom
  • Outdoor- Playground
  • Animals, petting zoo
  • Sandpit, swing, slide, bicycles, Go-carts, tricycles, etc.
  • Theater for children, story telling, fashion show, magician, Indian games, face painting, knight life, nature and environment, etc.

Service & Security

  • Childcaring staff
  • Experience programm
  • Babycaring staff
  • Childcare during lunch and dinner time
  • Playmates
  • Fenced hotel area
  • Paddling pool for children