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Games for the road

Bounty hunter

Go in a secret mission, while the kids are doing picnic. Mark with arrows, branches and stones an imaginary trail around the rest area. After the break, the children should find the path. Let’s see if they succeed.

Of dwarfs and fairies

Include stories into the trip, tell about trolls and fairies and look for dwarfs behind thick trunks and gnarled roots. You will be astonished how serious they take it.


PenguinOk children, let’s see, what do we do if we are lost in the forest? What do we need to find back?” We should know how to orientate us. Take a sheet of paper and put the compass on it. Now, draw the four points of the compass on the paper, the north always upside. So now, the paper is oriented to mark all important places of your site, or just go around your house. The important thing is to include all places at the correct direction. Experts also measure distances in steps and register them in the map. Now, in the completed map, your parents mark the hidden treasure (for example: treat).

Rind printing

Some trees have a smooth rind, some a rough one and others a cracked rind. Stick a piece of paper with an adhesive tape and rub on it with a wax crayon. That way you get a printing of the rind.

Leaf printing

Organize different kinds of leafs, one after the other. Put a piece of paper over them and color the paper black with a pen in slanted angle. The leaf shape and skeleton will appear nicely. Make a side note with the name of the plant.

Plaster cast

Animal tracks soon disappear by the blow of the wind or because they are covered with fallen leafs. You can plaster the tracks and collect them. Look for a suitable track; remove sticks and stones from it. Put a round shaped collar made out of thick paper around it and press it softly into the ground. Now mix plaster and water into a paste and fill out the cardboard ring with it, smooth out the surface. After approximately one hour you can remove the print. Dry it for one full day. Then you can paint it as you wish.

Nature album

During your stay in the forest, you will discover many interesting things. Your nature album will make you have fun even back home. Collect small finds, like feathers, write down carefully which flowers you saw, stick pictures from your trip into it, draw insects and stick pressed flowers.

Leaf collection

A leaf collection with pressed leafs is a nice reminder of the trees you knew on your trip. So, collect some leafs, clean them and put them between tissue papers. Then, put them under heavy books. After a few days they will be dry. Stick them into your nature album and write beneath the name of the tree