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Our small winery “DiVino”, is part of the colonial style Casona that is located in the “Lodge Casa Chueca“. This old adobe house, which is more than 100 years old, is located on the outskirts of Talca, just 3 hours south of Santiago and 15 minutes from downtown. Nowadays it is of easy access and with paved road.

The Lodge Casa Chueca is located in historic lands, a beautiful place where two great battles took place during Chile’s independence. In 1818 the Battle of Cancha Rayada against the Spanish crown took place, one of the many battles in which the criollos participated against the royalists and which led to Chile’s independence from the Spanish crown. This battle is also called Surprise or Disaster of Cancha Rayada, since the patriotic forces that were commanded by General José de San Martín suffered a heavy defeat.

In 1830 the O’Higgins fought against the Liberals in the so-called Battle of Lircay. Battle that was after the independence of Chile and was developed between two opposing factions that fought for power. Doing some excavations to build our houses in the grounds of the Lodge Casa Chueca, specifically in the Vineyard Andrea “, we found vestiges of this battle. Currently we use the old house built of adobe (a mixture of straw and mud) as wine cellar in clay jars. Today in the gardens of the lodge, vines of the “País” grape still sprout, which were originally cultivated here. Because of their strength, they enjoy popularity again in Chile.

We enjoy the different wines of the region, we talk about the vines and we taste them in a friendly atmosphere.

Contact: casachueca@trekkingchile.com