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How we prevent lumbar hyperlordosis

Let's train our abdomen!


a person trainingAim of the exercise: When weak abdominals (rectus abdominis) suffer the heavy load carried by the body, they allow a harmful bending position of the back. The classical sit-ups exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles and stabilize the waist.


a person training First, we must choose a flat surface to lie down comfortably on the back, with the feet on the floor and the knees flexed upward. The legs stay in this position because they work as a counteract when we lift the trunk. We can vary the position of the arms. Some options are with the arms close to the body, folded across the chest or bent behind the head. The important thing is to maintain the abdominal muscles always tense during the exercise. At the same time, the trunk must never be totally relaxed. To reach the desired effect, the knees should never touch the nose or the forehead. The constant tension of the abdominal musculature is decisive, as it is not to lie down completely flat on the floor. Therefore, short movements have a better effect. A variant is to bring the left elbow to the right knee and viceversa. This exercises the oblique musculature of the abdomen. The workouts must be done slowly and with concentration. It is better to do fewer correct repetitions than many untidy ones. You can do up to 30 repetitions.