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First Aid Kit

For individual mountain expeditions you are limited to a small first aid kit, for weight reasons.

Here we present a brief summary of utensils, medicine and its most important indications.

Here we present a brief summary of utensils, medicine and its most important indications. Additionally, comparable products found in Chile are mentioned. Information about dosages and the exact application method is usually found in the medicament leaflet. The simplest medicaments can be easily bought in Chile in pharmacies and without medical prescription.

 Mountain pharmacy

Active substance Medicament Chilean alternative Indications
Tramal Tramal (Tramadol clorhidrato) Burten (Ketorolaco Trometamol) Severe pain, especially bones and articulations; not for abdominal pain
Imodium Loperamida (Loperamida clorhidrato) diarrhea
Acetylsalicylsäure Aspirin Aspirina (Acido acetilsalicílico) Pain, fever, inflammations
Buscopan Dolospam (Atropina sulfato) Bowel spasms, colics
Tetryzolin-hydrochlorid Berberil Visional, Visiver (Tetrizolina clorhidrato) Conjunctivitis
hydrochlorid Benzocain
Dolo Dobendan Graneodin (Clorhexidina clorhidrato) Inflammation of the mouth and pharynx
Cresol, Dichlorbenzylalkohol und Menthol Neoangin Duranil (Hexitidina) Sore throat
Ibuprofen Ibuhexal Ibuprofeno Inflammation of the articulations and pain
MCP Hexal Metoclopramida (Metoclopramida clorhidrato) Stomach and bowels discomfort, as well as nausea and vomiting
hydrochlorid 8-Chlortheophyllin
Betadorm-A, Halcion Dormonid (Midazolam) Only for extreme cases of difficulty to sleep
Acetylcystein Fluimucil Fluibron, Pazbronq (Ambroxol) Cough with expectoration
Nasivinetten, Endrine Nasentropfen Iladin (Oximatazolin) Blocked nose
Antibiotika Doxyhexal, Roxihexal, Bactrim forte Doxithal, Doxiciclina (Doxiciclina) Bacterial infections
Diclofenac Voltaren Pro Lertus (Diclofenaco Colestiramina) Articulation inflammations and distensions
Clemastin Tavegil Labosona (Betametasona) Only in case of severe allergies
Povidon-Iod Betaisodona Povidona yodada 10 % Desinfection
Bepanthen Bepantol (Dexpantenol; Nase) – Neutrogena Healthy Skin Crema Contorno de Ojos (Augen) Eyes and nose ointment
Kanamycinsulfat Kanamytrex Tobrex (Tobramicina) Gentamicina 0,3% Ocular bacterial infections


Beware: There are not special provisions for tolerance to altitude on the labels of Chilean products

Additional mountain medicaments

Active substance Medicament Chilean alternative Indications
Dexamethason Fortecortin Dexametasona 4 mg Cerebral Oedema
Nifedipin Adalat Sl, Nifidepin-
Adalat 20 mg Pulmonary Oedema
Codeinphosphat Codeintropfen, Codipront Deucotos Dry cough, do not take for extended periods
Aciclovir Zovirax Aciclovir 5 % Herpes


Mountain first-aid kit

English Spanish (Chile)
Adhesive strips       Apósito adhesivo
Compresses      Compresas
Hydrophilic gauze      Elastomull
Elastic bandage      Venda elástica
Adhesive band tissue      Cinta adhesiva genero
Wound strips      Parche curita
Leucoplast tape      Cinta Adhesiva plastica
Pure hydrophilic gauze      Gasa hidrofila pura
Hydrophilic cotton      Algodon Hidrofilo
Cotton swabs      Varitas e algodón
Cotton specks      Motas de algodón
Sterilized suture strips      Tiras estériles
Thermometer      Termómetro
Reflector paper against cold      Folio reflector contra el frío
Scissors      Tijeras

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