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Varied meals increase good mood during a tour


A freshly brewed coffee is a perfect start of the day, but as the effect of coffee is rather dehydrating we advise you to drink herbal tea instead. A hot chocolate is a good alternative as well and offers the same amount of energy as a small meal. A specialty of the Andes is the Yerba Mate, the home made bread (tortilla) with margarine and jam and also the toasted flour (harina tostada) which will be mixed with sugar and milk, don’t miss the chance to sit down with local mountain farmers and enjoy this culinary experience. Or opt for a pancake (prepared powder) with jam; rolled oatsare not only nourishing but also very tasty if mixed with some dried fruits or chocolate.


perfect snack is nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, cookies, bread, power bars, salami and cheese. To diversify the drinking water just add some fruit powder (e.g. Zumo), one will automatically drink more as it is quite tasty. When trekking in warmer regions, store the cheese, salami and chocolate at the bottom of your backpack to prevent them from melting . Our experience thought us the more strenuous a trek is the less appetite one has for sweets.


During the day you may hardly find any time to cook a proper meal. In the evening after setting up the camp you have more time and we experienced that a diversified meal plan improves the spirit, especially on longer treks.