Cookware - trekkingchile


Aluminium cookware is easily available all over Chile at very reasonable prices.

When setting of on a tour every now and then this cookware will do.

However, a small amount of aluminium will be absorbed every time one prepares food in them. Harmful consequences arising from this are still being discussed among mountaineers and experts in the field of nutritional science.

Alternatively one can also use cookware made from stainless steel, which is heavier but also indestructible. There are no harmful consequences regarding your health when preparing your food in cookware made from stainless steel. Pots and pans with fold-away handles are quite practical. If you want to use the pot as oven in order to prepare bread one should not do without a pan. If you fill the pan with glow it can be perfectly used as top heat. The pan can also be used as cutting board; furthermore it lowers the energy consumption when cooking.

Rather inappropriate and expensive are Teflon-coated pots and pan. The coating is usually scratched heavily after only a very short while.

The only things you need for private trekking tours are a pocket knife, spoon, cup and, depending to the time of year, a water or thermos bottle. In favour of the weight one does not necessarily need a fork and a plate.

Tea kettles
 of 5 litres and water canisters are recommendable on expeditions.

Cups of stainless steel with a plastic coating are quite heavy but very pleasant to drink form. Cups without a coating are not advisable, as one easily burns his lips or one has to wait till the content cooled of. Enamel cups with cracks release toxicities. Almost all thermos bottles of stainless steel do have a screw cap with a sturdy plastic lid, which can also be used a cup.

In Chile most water bottles are form plastic, extremely light weighted and perfectly suited for several day treks. Be advised then when filling them up with hot water these bottles release chemicals and give off quite a strong taste.

One should always carry along a small tea towel and a sponge as it is important to keep the plates and dishes clean. Even a thin layer of fat is the perfect medium for pathogenic germs and bacteria. Use soil to get rid of burnt food. Sealable plastic bags (Ziploc) are perfectly suited for the transport of eatables. Empty containers of films can be used to store salt and other spices.