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Special equipment

Trekkers or alpine mountaineers have to do without all not essential kitchen equipment to lighten the weight of the backpack.

For trekking

Outdoor shops have specialised on lightweight equipment of all kinds, which ever you choose to go with is a very personal decision. Everybody has its individual experience, but everybody wants to achieve a common purpose – to set off with the least weight possible.

Even for a longer tour a small cooker, a pot and a pan, which can also be used as lid, are sufficient. Additionally a pocket knife, spoon, tea towel, sponge and matches are more then adequate for most tours.

Most packing of groceries is enlarged by the advertising industry, refill the contents into sealable plastic bags to safe space and also weight. Other eatables, like jam or margarine, which could cause a little disaster in your backpack, should be stored in small and sealable container.

Especially in the dry areas of northern and central Chile the folding 4-5 litre water canisters are reasonable.

For Expedition

Expeditions are simplified tours of several days with a larger number of participants. The logistics of expeditions are rather complex as there will be several camps at the same time which have to communicate with each other, meal preparation for groups and an accordingly huge amount of equipment.

As equipment for the kitchen tent the following composition has proven its value: 
3 cutting boards, soup tumbler, wooden spoon, 2-3 large pots (ca. 6l), tea kettle (ca. 5 l), salad bowl, 2 plastic bowls to wash the dishes, washing-up liquid, kitchen knife, can opener, tea towel and sponge, plastic box for the cutlery, funnel, spatula, plates, cups, pans, folding canister for drinking water.

For the storage and the transport in the car or on the mule cool-, plastic- or aluminium boxes are perfectly suited.

Furthermore one should carry along: water filter for the sterilisation, sealable plastic bags. Aluminium foil, lighter and matches, clothesline, bin-liners, hard-wearing duct tape, tent for the group, water resistant pen, cabel binder, two flame gas cooker, shovel , first aid kit, gas bottle (5Kg), gas lantern, small gas cartridges (ca. 250g), 2 plastic bowls to wash the dishes, 2 pitchers for juice, toaster for gas (in Chile available for very little money), rain cover for the equipment, radio transmitting set and, or satellite telephone.

For the sake of good order and comfort you can carry along folding tables and chairs.