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The Central Zone of Chile offers a variety of walks from all areas, which can be done spontaneously on your own. Here you can download your Trekkingchile application, to plan your trip. For those guests who wish to participate in guided tours we offer tours to nearby and farther destinations. These have the company of guides who know the locality and can provide extensive information about the region, culture, flora and fauna. Detailed information and prices at Costa y Cumbre Tours

Our Classics

Touring the Area

First of all, we visit Lake Colbún, one of the largest artificial lakes in Chile. Then we continue to the private park Tricahue, where we visit a small natural museum and then walk a small path to see the native trees of Chile. With a bit of luck we can see Tricahue parrots that inhabit this sector. The best part of the tour is the visit to the top of the almost virgin and little known waterfalls of the Rainbow. Here we have two spectacular waterfalls that run on giant volcanic rocks to drop spectacularly 150 meters into the void. If you want a unique experience, you can bathe in a natural pool that is approximately 8 meters from the drop of water from where you can appreciate the beauty of the mountains nearby. Arrive by your own


The Maule region produces 40% of all Chilean wines. It is the only wine valley which, apart from the Valle de Maipo, claims the title “Cradle of Chilean Viticulture”. Accordingly many wineries and restaurants can be visited from the Casa Chueca. Cheers!


Mirador Valle Venado, R.N. Altos de Lircay

Hiking through the El Mirador Reserve, takes from 3 hours and a half to 4 hours. In this place you will find a beautiful sight of the volcano Descabezado Grande, its neighbours and Valle del Venado.  Arrive by your own

Ramal Talca– Constitución and Maguellines Trail

In this road the train makes several breaks in small towns where the inhabitants have as their only option to travel to the city the Ramal. We recommend the seats on the left to enjoy a wonderful view during the trip. Warm clothing is also useful because it can get cold early in the morning. In constitución we will be waiting to continue this day full of interesting things with the Maguellines Trail.  Arrive by your own

Trekking Tour to the Arco Iris Waterfalls

Some large waterfalls and many small ones, fall to the emptiness adorned with sun rays and wonderful rainbows. The cascades are little known in the region, so the place has been little intervened. A true jewel in the region! Pure peacefulness, except for the noisy water. Arrive by your own


Trekking and mountaineering

Condor Circuit

5 to 8 days of Trekking or horse excursion in the Andes of the Central Valley. According to National Geographic , this is one of the most beautiful tours in the world! The best part is you’ll be alone, most of the time.  Arrive by your own

Ascent to Cerro Peine

We walk from Vilches the first hours, passing through the Piedras Tacitas and the granite rocks Piedras Blancas up to a pass at 2327 m. From there, there’s half an hour to the summit of Cerro Peine at 2450 m, which awaits with a wonderful view to the Descabezado Grande Volcano and its neighbours, who are covered by snow until late summer.  Arrive by your own


Ski tours and snowshoe hikes

Laguna Cari Lauren

There are a variety of different tours, almost guaranteed to snow into early summer, some years until just before Christmas. After the snowshoe tour you can relax at the swimming pool of Casa Chueca. Arrive by your own

Bike Tours

E-Bike Maule

New!!! Cross the Andes with Electric bicycles! The package includes 2 nights with full board and excursion. 22 km by bike, 3 hours, lunch, transfer from Talca, visit of the Arco Iris waterfalls. 45,000 CLP p.p., from 3 people –