Sustainability - trekkingchile


Inclusion Park PUIMA

The park, located on the grounds of Casa Chueca Lodge, is an initiative of the Trekkingchile Foundation as part of its “Nature for All” program. People with disabilities find here space for relaxation and small adventures on different thematic and educational trails.

Protected area Río Lircay

Wetlands are extremely important for the preservation of biodiversity, and their protection and conservation is everyone’s responsibility. The Ministry of Environment MMA and the Trekkingchile Foundation carry out numerous actions for the conservation of biodiversity. One of them is the protection of the Lircay River in the area of Casa Chueca Lodge.

CIMA Maule

The main objectives of the Center for Environmental Innovation and Tourism (CIMA-Maule) are the development of innovative actions in the field of environmental education and emotional tourism based on the activities developed by the Trekkingchile Foundation. In the associated museum there is an exhibition on fauna, flora and geology of the Maule region.

Children’s driving school

The Trekkingchile Foundation’s Children’s Traffic School aims to raise awareness of the importance of knowing the rules of the road in order to avoid accidents. To this end, we have implemented an educational program aimed at training future responsible drivers in an interactive and practical way.

Organic vegetable garden

With 400 m2 of garden space, we can offer our customers vegetables grown without the use of agrochemicals. We also source food from local cultivation. In our restaurant we prepare mainly vegetarian dishes.