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How do I get to Lodge Casa Chueca?

Arrival by Public Transportation

Take a bus from Santiago (Terminal Sur, Metro Universidad de Santiago) to Talca (about 3 1/2 hours). Take a taxi from the bus terminal to Casa Chueca (max. 6000 CLP). You can also take a city bus TAXUTAL to San Valentín. After about 15 minutes you’ll get to the Taxutal terminal from where it is a 2 km walk to reach the Lodge.

Arrival by Private Transport

From experience, we recommend the installation of a map app on your mobile phone, very well proven in Chile is Maps.Me. Lodge Casa Chueca is listed by all common map applications. From Ruta 5 take the international pass road to San Clemente and Argentina. Pass the shopping mall and the university to the left hand, turn left on the second traffic light and take “Las Rastras” street. Continue straight. Afer a few kilometres there is a 90º turn to the right side. 500 meters after, we turn left into an asphalt road, between a small bus station and a restaurant called Toro Bayo. After a few minutes we reach the lodge Casa Chueca.

Please try to always make a reservation, we are often full during high season (December to March)!

Arriving from Ruta 5

-35.4079753 -71.5911627

Phone/Fax:*+56-71-197 0097 / 0096

Cell. phones:+56 9 9419 0625

Address:Viña Andrea s/n, Sector Alto Lircay, Talca

Mail address:Casilla 143, Talca, CHILE

* PLEASE NOTE: Both numbers starting with 197… are rural network numbers and may not be available through all carriers. If you call from any place within Chile using fixed-line network please use 171 or 188 carriers in order to phone us, e.g. 171-71-197 00 96.