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by December 7th, 2018

Waterfalls of Moconá-Argentina Provinz Misiones

The waterfalls of Moconá ( Parque provincial Saltos del Moconá) are still regarded as a secret tip. They are located on the southern edge of the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve in northern Argentina. However, since a narrow but good asphalt road leads for 60 km from Soberbio to the park entrance, they are rightly on everyone’s lips. The small town of Soberbio can be easily reached from Posadas or Puerto Iguazú in about 4 hours. The new Ruta Costanera connects Soberbio even directly with the eastern access of the Iberá swamps. The road leads through the charming landscape of the Rio Uruguay along the Brazilian border. Both Posadas and Puerto Iguazú can be reached daily by plane from Buenos Aires.

The province of Misiones in the extreme northeast of Argentina is covered to a large extent with native forests – the Selva Paranaense or Selva Misionera. With over 3000 plant species, it represents one third of the species found in Argentina. Among them are 300 species of trees, the Lapacho, the Loro negro and the Cedro. But also the bird world is extremely rich with about 540 species. More than 120 mammals live here, but unfortunately they are not easy to see. The subtropical climate is not everyone’s cup of tea here, humid sultry air with an annual precipitation of between 1600 – 2100 mm, you can easily sweat. One can visit Misiones all year round, the months September to November are pleasant from the temperature. The riverbed of the Rio Uruguay, which is 50-60 deep here, is characterized by basalt. On a length of 3 km there is a longitudinal fracture, on which about 24 falls plunge into the 10-12 m deep abyss.


In the park building the course of the visit is explained to you. Foreigners pay 20 USD for the about 20 minutes long boat tour at the Falls. On two small hikes one penetrates into the green jungle of the Misiones forest. The 1800 m long Sendero Cachi leads to a vantage point with a view of the Rio Uruguay. Along the way, Laurel negro, Alecrin, tree ferns and a gigantic canafistola thrive. The path makes a small round and leads back to the information center. Passing the restaurant another path starts, the Sendero la Gruta with only 600 m. This leads to a small grotto downhill and back on the same path.

As accommodation we chose the Alto del Angel Posada, a few kilometers outside of Soberbio on the Ruta 2 which leads to the waterfalls. The owners Francisco and Maria take special care of all their guests. A subtropical garden surrounds the very clean pool, the restaurant has a great kitchen and the rooms are top class. It can only be recommended.

Closer to the Falls is Don Mocona Virgin Lodge with a wider range of excursions and tours. From here you can directly reach the Moconá waterfalls by boat.




Loro negro, Cordia ecalyculata

Alecrin, Holocalyx balansae

Yerba Mate, Ilex paraguariensis

Canafistula, Peltophorum dubium

Palo borracho, Ceiba speciose

Pino Parana, Araucaria angustifolia

Cedro misionero, Cedrela fissilis

Pindo, Syagrus romanzoffiana




Giant Toucan, Tucán grande, Toco Toucan, Ramphastos toco

Yacutinga, Black fronted Piping guan, Aburria jacutinga

Pomegranate Crested Eagle, Aguila Crestuda Real, Ornate Hawk Eagle, Spizaetus Ornatus




Azara-Aguti, Agutí, Akuti, Dasyprocta azarae

coati, coati, nasua nasua

howler monkey, Mono Aullador Rojo, Red Howler monkey, Alouatta guriba

Southern Tamandua, Oso melero, Lesser Anteater