Penguins at Punta Valdes
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by December 8th, 2017

Peninsula Valdés


Buenos Aires

For some reason we always return to Buenos Aires; The city has such a distinctive style that it is always worth it. This time we stayed at the Hotel Bezirk in San Telmo, in the middle of the action and just a couple of minutes walk from the center. At sunset we tried the Restaurant Desnivel. Nothing to complain about. The bife chorizo ​​is spectacular!


The flight we had planned was not due to a strike by Argentine airlines. After spending several hours at the airport, it soon became clear that the strike would last a couple of days. While the conversations between the airline and the angry passengers went up in tone, we left the scene and booked bus tickets. In Vía Bariloche, we left from Recoleta for a very heavy 24-hour trip to Trelew. The children did have a good time, as they watched movies without stopping. After such a long trip we did not stay long in the hotel and went immediately to visit the MEF Prehistoric Museum. During the afternoon we took a first ride in a rented car: Gaiman, a place famous for its Welsh tea and its Kuchenes, and it was not far away. It may not sound exciting, but it is a good start.


Punta Tombo

The Maritime Station is located after passing the Rawson Port and just in front of the prefecture. The boat tour lasts one hour and in case of bad weather you have to know that there can be big waves. You can see mostly dolphins (Tonina Overa). They are 100 km by paved road and another 20 by dirt road to reach Punta Tombo. It takes almost two hours to the entrance of the park. Then there are wooden walkways and a 1.5 km path that leads to the coast. On the way you see hundreds of Magellanic penguins in their nests. In September the females arrive first and the females a couple of days later. In November they lay the eggs and around February the juveniles change plumage and together with the chicks they proudly add about 500,000 penguins. Then we continue our trip to Puerto Madryn.


 Tour of the day to Punta Valdés

Arriving at Punta Valdés takes you time and as we want to take advantage of the day to see the maximum amount of fauna of the place we chose to take a local guide. We crossed Puerto Madryn and once on the route we quickly turned towards the coast to go to Golfo Nuevo. The place is known as the Doradillo and is a famous area, because between September and October you can see southern right whales even from the shore. They arrive a few meters away at high tide with their offspring. A good point of observation is the beach La Cantera. Following the road we reach the pavement again and a few meters away there is the parking lot. Here it is necessary to pay entrance. From this point we continue to the Isthmus Ameghino, the narrowest place between Golfo San José and Golfo Nuevo. Excursions are allowed only in the Golfo Nuevo sector. After an hour you will arrive at Punta Pirámides where you will find the colony of sea lions and a large number of fossils. Just a little further on is Puerto Pirámides with its shops, restaurants, accommodation and the agencies that offer excursions to see the whales. From now on they are 60 km to Punta Delgada. If there is wind, be very careful with the cameras, because sand is raised. At 40 km there is a small colony of marine elephants in Caleta Valdés. A little further is possible to visit another colony of Magellanic penguin. Now we return by an internal road of 65 km back to Puerto Pirámides. On the way we see maras, coiques, armadillos, guanacos and even a skunk. Back in Puerto Madryn, the pavement extends in front of us.