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by December 8th, 2017

Peruvian Amazon

Port Maldonado

This is the first time I write for a blog in my life. I hope you like it and enjoy reading, although I do not think that I enjoyed it as much in Peru. Maybe they can smell a little the aroma of the Peruvian jungle. I just turned 13 and my father corrected me a bit the text (in total 23 misspellings).

Travel to Peruvian Amazon

The first thing I thought when we flew over the Amazon was: Wow! I am flying over the Amazon, my greatest desire is now reality. When we arrived a half hour later to Puerto Maldonado, Peru, we were picked up by a minibus. In it we travel about half an hour until we reach the point to board the boat. On the way we picked up Caroline, a girl who works in the Trekkingchile office. The navigation lasted 3 hours and on the way we observed animals and a very interesting vegetation, among them we saw capybaras, the spectacled alligator and the long-necked turtle.



The Lodge

After about 3 hours we finally arrived at the hotel and at that moment my dad shouted: AGUTI !!! which means something like a tender and small mammal always in search of Brazilian nuts. Well, in the same way you had to go to the room and it must be said, they were really nice rooms and all made of wood, hammocks and musketeers. From the terrace you could see the nests of the Oropendolas, its song I will never forget, incredibly beautiful. At sunset we made our first excursion through the Amazon rainforest. During the night, going out in search of insects is not exactly my mom’s favorite activity. The next morning it was torture for me. Getting up at 06:00 am for breakfast, which really was not anything special. Then the boat was very cold, although the walk through the jungle was really fantastic. The Amazon is spectacular and even more so for children. Howler monkeys that jump in the trees, horned birds that call through the forest and jaguars that crawl among the bushes and that had only seen two in Pantanal-Brazil two years before. We leave the boat at the dock and walk about 2 hours to get to the lake. Here a raft awaited us and we continued on the lake in search of a very special bird: El Hoazín and we had a fatal luck, because we did not delay in seeing it. It looks like an archeopteryx. I was once in a quarry in the valley of Altmühltal, where an original fossil was found. We were easily an hour on the lake very entertained in different activities like fishing piranhas. So we spent the second day of wonders and the time goes by too fast. After sunset there was a safari to observe alligators and we could see some reptiles. At night it is easier, because the red eyes reflect the light of the lanterns.

Our last Day

The third and last day we took a luxury tour to see the Aras, the largest parrot in the world. When we arrived at the salt rocks there were already many species of parrots. Not only the macaws but also the parakeets, toucans and a spider monkey circled our heads! The next day we traveled to Puerto Maldonado back. Of course we get up again at 06:00 am, my best moment. Well here comes our end to our adventure in the biggest great jungle in the world: The Amazon