South Africa
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by December 6th, 2017

South Africa’s Fauna

Travel to South Africa

We lived in South Africa 25 years ago and from time to time we need a change of air. Africa is naturally a true Bon-Bon, specially if we travel with two kids who love animals. South Africa is really a potential country and the route of the Garden Route National Parks is feasible to do by your own, even for beginners. Here we show you a clear example and you won’t be disappointed!



Sibuya River Camp

We flew from Johannesburg straight to Elizabeth Port. There we stayed in a comfortable hotel and walked the place during the afternoon. The next day the fun began: in a rented car we visited Sibuya River Camp. It is a 140 km vehicle ride to Kento on Sea. From there, a boat is approached to cross to the magical and wild nature reserve. The place by itself is already pleasant with its characteristic tents, wood stoves and hot tubs. The daily excursions offer an excellent panoramic view of the local fauna. You can see more than 400 species of birds and not to mention the mammals: wildebeest, buffalo, elephants and their young, giraffes, zebras, rhinos and antelopes can be seen throughout the day. The departures are by boat, but most of the time it is covered in a classic safari car

The days fly and they run very fast. Without realizing it, we were already heading towards the Tsitsikama National Park, which is part of the National Parks Garden. In this place, the possibilities of walking are fantastic and you can walk through thick forests along the coast. The visit to the Suspension Bridge is really exhausting, but it’s worth it. We saw a cute daman for the first time and the children screamed in amazement and joy. It still strikes us that this small mammal is related to the elephants.

Bahía Plettenberg

We enjoyed the most beautiful beaches in Plettenberg Bay. The biggest attraction point in this place is the Cerro Rob Nature Reserve. When visiting this area it is very important to leave early, otherwise it is easy to get trapped in kilometers and kilometers of dust, since the traffic congestion is enormous. There are three circuits that run through the middle of the island. The views towards the coastal cliffs are really a luxury. The longest excursion is 9 km and the entire island is covered in half. Depending on the time of year it is possible to observe seals and even whales. When traveling with the children we spent two days at an ostrich farm in the dry Oudthoorn. The accommodation is fantastic and the children enjoyed an ostrich ride. They enjoyed it very much!



Cape Town

To crown the trip, we ended up in Cape Town. In general we do not like cities very much, but Cape Town is a pearl. It is a city to love it! If we are not lovers of the metropolis and we can not stand the classic double-decker tour buses, what do we do then? As such, you just have to get carried away through the city and it was a nice experience. Then we had a complete tourist panorama with the Table Mountain, the Cape Town National Park and the Boulders Beach Penguin Center.