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by November 30th, 2017


Surfers from all over the world knows it from a long time ago. The coast in Central Chile has got varied and little bays, beautiful and stylish lodges, is “El Dorado” for bird lovers and, except for some locations, it is barely known. The coast between ivers Maule and Itata has and special charm and very good hostels in Buchupureo and La Rinconada. From here we’ll make some excursions throughout the day to take a look to those beautiful beaches that are really worth the view, in an non very pacific coast.

Nature Reserve Queule

Our first excursion ends up in deception: The Nature Reserve Queule. This place is located 2 kilometres north from Buchupureo and 7 kms more through pine plantations. One of the locals tells us we are on the right track and looks surprised when we told him we wanted to now the reserve. As a small piece of jewellery, the native forest shines with its wide variety of species, amongst an horrible coniferous monoculture. Until here, everything goes well. We even have a “Welcome” sign, great! But our excursion finishes here. The administration of the park looks more than abandoned. No paths, nor signs. Here grow the most scarcely arboreal species in Chile. It is, with no doubt, a botanical peculiarity and there is no way to get information about the place. We returned to the paved road and  went to “Arcos de Calan”. Here again we found our peasant friend who was still surprised about our enthusiasm to visit the park.

The Whales

We parked against the bar and only 50 mts separated us from the Pacific Ocean. A multiplicity of flowers shine in the hills of a coast flooded in green. We climbed through a path to some rocks,  walked by the coast and went up the slopes to the following inlet, where we found a small top. The slope to the sea is filled with seagull nests, the pelicans sit at the rocks and cormorants dry their feathers in their island away from the shore. In this occasion we even had the luck to see five whales passing through.

A little south from Buchupureo theres an excursion, almost more beautiful than the previous. The road is paved up to Cobquecura. The place we mention is an island filled with seals, and when the tide goes in you can get to them very close. From afar you can already listen their racket. A little north there’s a point of attraction called “La Iglesia de Piedra” (The church made of stone), formed by rocks and huge caves. To the south from Cobquecura, the road becomes something more beautiful yet. In the mouth of the Tauco we find “Piedra Pizarra” (chalk rock) , where we can see birds enjoying the sun in the sand banks and the marvellous crystal rocks shining under the sun. In Rinconada, the next bay, there’s another chance to make another excursion along the bay. Each entry to the sea, is more beautiful than the previous, the hillsides are covered by bromeliad and in spring the ground is covered by flowers.

Tips for the traveller

We stayed at Los Maquis Hotel at Buchupureo, www.losmaquishotel.com +569 89001815. A couple of minutes away from the hotel, there are different restaurants, each of them with a wide variery of fish and seafood. For a family is probably better to stay at Cabañas Joya del Mar, its owner Chris is from the U.S.A. and also you can visit just to eat something. At Rinconada there’s a small bay of fishermen where Lodge Antu Eco excels.  www.rukaantu.cl +56968110895. The food is very good and the also offer surfing courses.