Coronavirus prevention

In order to protect our guests and staff from infection with the coronavirus, we ask you to support the following measures:

  • If you show symptoms of a cold or flu, please inform us before your arrival at Casa Chueca Lodge.
  • If you show even the slightest symptoms, please enter the reception area only with a protective mask. This applies to the person concerned as well as to all fellow travellers.
  • There is a washbasin at the entrance to the reception area. Please wash your hands before entering the reception area.
  • Breakfast and dinner are served on our terrace when the weather is fine. People with a slight cold have a nice separate place. In bad weather, meals are served in the room. Used dishes are treated with disinfectant by the staff in a separate sink.
  • Dispose of used toiletries, especially handkerchiefs, in the infection container provided by us. This is located at our recycling station.
  • Please air your room thoroughly in the morning and disinfect with the disinfection spray provided by us. If you have a cold, please discuss the necessity of daily cleaning with the reception.
  • In case of typical symptoms, we will be happy to assist you with medical care.

“With these measures we hope to minimize the risk of infection for our guests and employees. We are aware that the disease itself is only serious in exceptional cases. It is not our intention to spread hysteria, but rather to enable our guests to enjoy a carefree stay”.

We hope for your understanding and thank you for your support