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by November 27th, 2018

Fishing and fly fishing paradise Chile

Chile is a real paradise for fishing and fly fishing. The native Bavarian Max Eichner is not only a real Patagonian expert but also an enthusiastic fisherman and fly fisherman. Since 16 years he annually travels to Chile, starts in the region Maule at the Laguna del Maule and then enjoys the loneliness of Patagonia and the Carretera Austral for several months. The best fishing waters, the most beautiful locations but also special accommodations you can find here from him first hand. As long as it does not degenerate with requests you can also contact Max directly.



Lago Yelcho

Lago Yelcho stretches 50 km south of Chaiten. With a length of 25 km the lake stretches along the Carretera Austral, Ruta CH-7, romantically embedded in wild mountain scenery. Both sides of the lake are well known by fly fishermen, despite its reed belt. On its northern side the Rio Yelcho rises and makes its way to the Pacific. The river is also interesting for fly fishing. Accommodations are  in lodges or further south in the feudal hotel “Lago Yelcho”. On the south side the Rio Futaleufu flows into the sea, another great fishing area. A recommendable accommodation in Puerto Ramirez is the Cumbres Nevadas with boats and guides. We catch brown trout and rainbow trout up to 6 kg. However, there are also salmon up to 18 kg, both in the lake and in the Rio Yelcho. But these usually only bite on spinners. The best time is from the beginning of November to the end of March. An excursion from Puerto Ramirez to Palena (43 km), on the river of the same name, offers further great fishing grounds. Especially on the upper reaches of the river, where there are also smaller hidden lakes. But you need a Belly Boat or something equivalent. You can get more information in Puerto Ramirez.


Along the Carretera Austral


Back on the adventure road Carretera Austral you reach Lago Toro about 30 km south of St. Lucia. A beautiful lake with many trout up to 2 kilos. But again you need a Belly Boat to fish in this lake.

The brothers Alfredo y Alvaro Retamal Bravo organize really cheap fishing trips at the Laguna del Maule. Even with our children we have fetched  1-2 kg of beautiful trout from the lake each time. Both are professionals and well known throughout the state. However only in Spanish.


La Junta

Further south on the Carretera Austral one finally arrives at La Junta. There, once again, one meets the Rio Palena, which has now developed into a bigger river. There are many trout here but it is not as interesting as at the upper reaches of the river. But this section down to the sea coast is more interesting for salmon, if sea lions haven’t done their raids already. Also interesting for fly fishing are Lago Rosselot and smaller rivers east of it, such as Rio Figuero. If you want to do something nice for your body, you should visit the Therme ” El Sauce”. A true paradise in the middle of the rainforest, but only reachable by boat. There are enough accommodations in “La Junta”. More practical is the accommodation “El Mirador del Rio”, 7 km down the Rio Palena from La Junta. Guide Ruben organizes  fishing trips in the whole region here.



In Coyhaique you can rest well, eat well and there is also a well stocked fishing shop. In the closer surroundings there are the 7 lakes, which are of course fished by the locals.


Puerto Tranquilo

South of Coyhaique lies the small town of Puerto Tranquilo, beautifully situated on the famous Lago General Carrera. Here not only the famous marble caves attract visitors from all over the world, but also the “Valle Exploradores” with its glacier foothills from the inland ice. This valley is also a paradise for fly fishermen. 90 km from Puerto Tranquilo you reach a suspension bridge over the Rio Exploradores. On the opposite side of the river there is a small inconspicuous accommodation. A great starting point for several days. There Senor Jaime makes excursions along the Rio Oscuro up to the lake of the same name. A wild river in the jungle that can only be fished from a boat and is home to lots of trout and salmon. If you can’t handle fly fishing, you have to be satisfied with spinning on huge salmon. Dona Rosa, Jaime’s wife, prepares the delicious dinner in the evening.


Rio Baker

Of course the biggest river of Chile must not be forgotten. The Rio Baker springs in Lago General Carrera. The turquoise-green colour of the water seems unnatural, but is very suitable for fly fishing. A great fishing area stretches from Puerto Bertrand to the confluence with the Rio Nef, where a huge waterfall makes hearts beat faster. Tours are easy to organize in the settlement of Puerto Bertrand. Although the rainbow trout only reach a maximum of 2 kg, fishing is a real pleasure because of the fantastic landscape.



We continue on the Carretera Austral south to Cochrane, a small town on the lake of the same name.  Those who are interested in glaciers should not miss the excursion to the San Lorenzo area. “Lord Patagonia” (Jimmy) won’t take you to the glacier, but leads you over the ice. There is another secret tip for fishing!! Lago Brown is waiting with huge trout not far from San Lorenzo. There is a farmer who lives directly at the lake to herd his cows. Not only does he have a boat, his son is also an enthusiastic fly fisherman. Again it is not only the fly fishing but above all the wonderful landscape that makes you enthusiastic. Here is the contact: Christopher, Tel. 990986888




There are no limits to wild camping in Patagonia and those who want to benefit even more from nature should not miss to pitch their tent where it is most beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than to place your tent directly on the water to enjoy the maximum of wild nature. Unfortunately the public transport is still in its infancy and for this reason you have to rent a car to really be able to dive into the wilderness of Patagonia.