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Turismo El Caminante Ltda. is a German-Austrian tour operator located in Talca, Chile. We, the owners, Kathrein Splett and Franz Schubert, traveled throughout South America as backpackers both on foot and by jeep for several years before setting up our own incoming agency in 1993. Since then we have been organizing and guiding tours for European companies in South America with particular emphasis on trekking, harmony with nature and interest in local customs. Companies such as Wikinger Reisen, Footprints, Wave, Wigwam, Bergspechte, Take Off and Duma, among others, have been our partners over the past few years.

Our own travel guide book "Adventure Handbook Central Chile" was published by Viachile Editors in 2001. In Central Chile, a region of abundant sunshine not yet discovered by mainstream tourism, we run our own hotel, Casa Chueca. Further up in the heart of the Andes we also have a Lama Lodge and in the heart of the lake district we opened 2006 the small but charming hotel La Tetera.

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