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Cerro Alto del Padre

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Contact: Matthias Helldoerfer

Duration: 1 Day

State: VI

Level: Very easy

Ubication: San Fernando

Starting point: Termas de Flaco

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How to get there:
The approach by road to Termas del Flaco is described under "Volcán Tinguiririca". In addition to the hot springs with a temperature of up to 96 degrees Celcius, this miniature resort at 1,720 m altitude has a number of stores and cheap accommodations. A worthwhile excursion of about two hours goes to fossilized dinosaur footprints.

Due to the length of this tour, we suggest starting out early. The trip´s only difficulty will have to be faced right at the start while still in town: Not far from the campsite, you will have to cross Río Tinguiririca - not much fun given its temperature barely above freezing and the fact that it takes several minutes. A solution to this problem is hiring local arrieros to take you across on horseback.
Once on the other side, follow a road downhill along the river until you get to the next tributary´s valley. Take the trail that branches off there and then switchbacks through a grassy area towards a pass. There are several springs where you can fill your bottles. Just before you get to the pass, leave the trail and start walking east uphill. In the upper reaches, the sparse vegetation yields to rock.
After about six hours, you will reach the 3,349 m summit. For a good view of Tinguiririca valley, climb down a bit towards the north where you can enjoy a view of the valley stretching all the way to the Argentinian border as well as Peteroa, an active volcano.
Return by the same route.

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