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Trekking - Choro Trail

Choro Trail
(WZ 19 h, 855 m 4230 m)

The Choro Trail, hundreds of years old and probably the most known of the "Yunga Trails", guides us through a zone of contrasts, linking the Andes range with the warm, subtropical lands. It’s a landscape full of contrasts, with eternal ice, forests and hills with exuberant vegetation. The start of the excursion is La Cumbre (The Summit) at 4670 m of altitude. It is easily accessible by public transportation. Because of the beauty and contrasts of its landscapes, the road is very popular with visitors, which unfortunately affects the security, with stealing and mugging going on.

Take a look at the route map (86 KB)

Day 1 La Cumbre - Challapampa
(WZ 6 h, 30 m 1985 m)

The trip from La Paz to the La Cumbre high pass lasts approximately two hours. With the road in good conditions and by private transportation, it is possible to get to the highest point at 4900 m. From La Cumbre a zigzagging trail goes down, allowing a beautiful view of the environment, even though sometimes it is under a layer of fog. After an approximately 2 ½ hours hike, we arrive to Samañapampa, at 3980 m. Here, all climbers must register, even if they are never asked to show their passport. In a small kiosk we can buy cookies, food (snacks) and, of course, Coca-Cola. Going down on our trail for some 30 minutes, we find a plain with a brook at 3860 m, a good resting place to lunch. A little later, we reach the town of Chucura, the biggest in this valley at 3700 m. From here we arrive to Challapampa, 2 to 3 hours later. Across the bridge there are some good places to camp. Some spots even have roofs.

Day 2 Challapampa - San Francisco
(WZ 7 h, 390 m 1195 m)

The vegetation gets denser, first trees with mossy trunks appear and banana plantations are all around. After three hours we arrive in the town of Choro, at 2230 m. In case of bad weather, there is a roofed place to stay. Afterwards, we cross the bridge and walk for an hour up the slope. The preincaic road goes down the gradient facing the valley until it arrives at the main valley, where we can set up our next camp in San Francisco (Kusillumani), at 2090 m.

Day 3 San Francisco - Chairo
(WZ 6 h, 435 m 1050 m)

From the camp we descend for an hour to the river, but, as often happens in trekking tours, we have to go up again for another hour. We ascend and descend the slope until, after one and a half hour, we arrive to Sandillani (house of the Japanese), at 2100 m. After having lunch and resting, we descend 22 curves towards Chairo, at 1490 m. Here, the transportation to Coroico must be organized.

Take a look at the route map (86 KB)


The mountain top



Above the clouds



House of adobe



In the rainforest